Welcome to one of the most progressive foundations on art & culture in India. The Foundation was established in 2015 by Mr. Pradeepta Kishore Das, for the singular purpose of supporting, disseminating and promoting art and culture in India and abroad. The artists like, Dilip Kumar Malik, Manoj Kumar Sandha, Kamini Kanta Swain, Debadutta Sahu, Nrusingha Charan Ojha, Radhashyam Pradhan and some other artists are collaborated with Mr. Das to take forward this Foundation. The initiative is to undertake, promote and assist to the artists for activities such as, education, research and development as well as the practice of visual art, performance art, and all other spheres of creativity and skill. It also includes assistance to worthy charitable, social and scientific activity that has affiliations with art.

The primary aim of Eastern Foundation of Art and Culture is to generate awareness of art and culture.

To appreciate, respect and preserve the excellence and diversity of human heritage the world-over in the areas of art and culture. It includes architecture, classical art, folk art, contemporary art, literature, education, moral value, yoga and social welfare.

Preservation and documentation of all tangible & intangible, Traditional forms of the art and culture.
Promote art through visualization to the common people, help them understanding classical and folk traditions through art education.
To promote traditional art and make all efforts to bring back this historic tradition to its pristine glory.
To help in reviving and propagating the art of percussion and other art forms.
To establish a world-class art village, having a separate endowment fund, for exponents of all activities that the trust is associated with.
To set up a life time achievement i.e. 'EFAC SRUJAN SAMMAN' in the field of visual art, performing art, literary art and even in the field of science and technology.
An annual award will be organized through the annual program to encourage the artists in India and abroad.
To support the artists for continuation of their art exhibitions of traditional as well as modern and contemporary art.
In every year the EFAC will publish a journal of art and culture in bi-lingual.
EFAC will organize a felicitation program for any achievement of its permanent members.
In every year EFAC will organize travelling exhibition, workshop, seminar and symposium in India and abroad.